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General Yiddish Information Processing Resources

  • YiddishK - Yiddish/Hebrew Keyboard by Lawrence Kay, is a free iOS keyboard (for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) that supports standard YIVO Yiddish orthography.

  • RFC 1555: Hebrew Character Encoding for Internet Messages describes a protocol for transmitting Hebrew in the ISO-8859-8 character set. Since it only encodes the 27 Hebrew alphabetic characters and no diacritics nor extended Hebrew characters such as Yiddish digraphs, it has limited use for Yiddish.

  • Ulrich Greve's Free Downloadable Yiddish Software site has great, original software with the Yiddish language featured front and center. Examples: a Yiddish OCR program, a Yiddish-English Dictionary program, etc.

  • Days and Months (Yiddish Localization Information)

  • Phonetic Yiddish Keyboards (QWERTY-based): Join the UYIP mailing list for a discussion of QUERTY-based phonetic keyboard designs for Yiddish information processing.

  • Hebrew Keyboards: Join the UYIP mailing list for a discussion of keyboard designs for Yiddish information processing.

  • Raphael Finkel's Yidishe Shraybmashinke (Yiddish Typewriter), a tool for Composing Yiddish through the Web, and also for translating between various character sets, document formats, and encodings, at . It lets you compose a page of Yiddish text, typed in transliteration, in a number of formats, including images (GIF's) that you can immediately see. It also can produce Unicode documents in Windows Hebrew Code Page 1255, MacOS Hebrew, Unicode UCS-2 and UTF-8 formats, and PostScript files. A heymish Yiddish font is also provided. A truly wonderful resource. Thank you Raphael! Lang lebn zolt ir, Rafoyl!

  • Nir Dagen's Review of Hebrew-language Support in Browsers.

  • More resources to come; stay tuned....

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